Jon Tyler Starr

singer, songwriter, musician and producer based in Appleton, WI. Home of the "Mile of Music."


Years ago, I was in bands...

usually as a songwriter. The most notable are mid-millennial pop/rock band "The Starrs" and Kung-Fu records pop/punk, "Antifreeze." After many years being inactive, I recently decided to start writing again. My 2020 goal is to put out some new music, including solo tracks, and songs in collaboration with other fellow artists and musicians. 

Did I say inactive?

I did. But that's not exactly what I meant. I have still been up to music, a lot of music, just in all different types of ways.

Since I stopped releasing original music, I've been gaining experience as a stage musician, FOH sound engineer, studio engineer and producer, beat maker, multi-instrumentalist, the list goes on.


Current News:

My 2 new singles, "Gotta Stop Lovin' You" and "Side Girl"  are out now on all major platforms!